This project started off as a small garden workshop to give me some dedicated room for my drawing and making activities, but soon quickly grew to be a fairly large building, at least in relation to the garden in which it sits!

The design and construction were entirely done by myself, apart from the electrical connection wiring and socketry which was undertaken by a local qualified electrician.

The building is sized approximately 2m x 5m, and was originally fitted with a workbench at either end, for 'clean' and 'dirty' activities, although the clean end has since been converted into a drawing area, which you can see here.





This project was my first full building if you like, and although small involved a range of different tasks, such as groundworks, joinery, waterproofing, roofing, glazing, cabinetry, plastering, decorating and the fabrication of doors and windows from scratch. Many of these I was doing for the first time, and learning as I went, so bear this in mind when looking through the photos!


It is still a working building in daily use, and hardly a month goes by where I don't add a shelf here or an extra hook there, so in a way it's never quite complete!





















The making of...



Clearing the site and Preparing the foundations



Floor and wall construction



Raising the walls - a rewarding moment!



Waterproofing and sheeting the roof



Experimenting with door & window layouts on computer



making leaded lights for the windows - the first time I'd done this



The finished windows design, in theory and practice



The windows fitted, inside & out!



Making the doors using timber joints. Dowels hold them rigid.



The circuitous route to the fuse box... (~20 metres)



Plastering and finishing touches inside



Built-in storage space for organisation and storage



Moving in day for the tools!



Finished! Outside on a nice summers day



Windows sparkling in the light



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