This project came as the result of not having enough storage space inside the summerhouse I built a while back.


A leftover area to the rear of the summerhouse was originally meant to take a clothes drier, although a washing line was used instead leaving this space free.


The same cladding was used, and in a similar way to the summerhouse itself I built everything here from scratch, including the doors and leaded glass lights.




The felt roof is lapped up into a slot in the wall cladding, and an interior shelf provides plenty of room for storing all items- paint, cement, planks of wood, gardening equipment etc.


It makes the most of what used to be a leftover space and provides secure storage in a quirky design!


















Making it...



The space before and after



Measuring the space and getting the end frames in place



adding cladding and reinforcement to the structure



Fitting the handmade 'x'-doors and a felt roof



The doors ready for assembly and dry-fitted before gluing to test everything fits!



Making leaded lights for the windows



Finishing details- trimming the felt roof and installing a lock


The storage shed complete!



The finished doors painted in forest green


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