This project was undertaken in the summerhouse I built around a year after its completion.


The 'clean' work-desk I used to use for framing my prints and cutting mountboard had become a little redundant as I had been getting this done professionally by galleries for some time, and so the space had become a leftover area, used for storing spare frames and other loose items.


I wanted to turn the area into a drawing space- I envisioned my drawing board facing the window, with a floor-to-ceiling shelving behind it to contain all the information, files and drawing equipment I would need ready to hand. I imagined it as a perfect ergonomic workspace, with everything reachable with no more than a 180-degree turn on the chair.



The shelves were built using some leftover material- mahogany-veneered MDF panels for the shelves, and old drawer linings for a backing.


I routed stopped housings to contain the shelf ends, and screwed them from the other side with countersunk holes. A slight bevel was routed along the shelf edges to prevent splitting of the wood and splinters. As a finishing touch, the veneers were stained with linseed oil and the edges accented in white.


I also built a little side table off the main shelves to provide a spot for those items which are in use most frequently- pens and pencils, rubbers, spare lead and the pencil sharpener.




















Making & Installing the shelves...



Mahogany-veneered MDF with stopped housings and bevelled edges all ready for fixing together



The basic shelving fitted, and the addition of a small side table for pens, pencils etc.



Veneer backing from old drawer casings



Veneer backing on the topmost shelf



Details of the curved joint between shelves & side table and stopped housings



The finished drawing area with shelves- full up already!



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