A leak in the lounge began this project- as redecoration was required anyway, it was an excellent chance to add a few new touches of luxury!


As a large stepped cornice was going to replace the previous one, it was decided to use its depth to create a design for a concealed curtainrail, which the client had seen some examples of in luxurious London properties.


This involved building a support to take the cornice approximately 5 inches away from the wall, creating a gap to accommodate the curtaintops and hanging rail.





The second part of this project involved lowering part of the ceiling between two columns, and leaving a rebate around the perimeter to allow the fitting of recessed blinds. This involved creating a framework and fastening it in place, taking into account the fact that the underside of the lowered ceiling had to be flush with the lower edge of the cornice- fine tolerances!


With the addition of two new spotlights and a coat of paint, the finished result looks as if it should have always been so, and once the blinds are in place, will bring that added touch of luxury the client was after.


















The Finished Articles...




The curtain tops and rail will be concealed behind the cornice, giving a sleek luxurious look



The Cornice support before and after installation


ceiling removed

The lowered ceiling prior to plasterboarding



Complete lowered ceiling with recess to take the blinds



The Recess shortly after the skim coat of plaster had been applied




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