One of my first pieces of furniture, this desk was built to fill an awkward gap in the corner next to a piano!


Fabricated from laminated pine boards, 100x100mm posts for the legs, and an 18mm MDF top, the desk still stands stong today as I write this!


A large storage bin makes the most of the awkward area under the desk, and a slot for a retracting keyboard tray allows one to keep the surface clear if using the desk for drawing. A cable tidy hole at the rear allows all stray wires to be kept out of the way, an impoartant feature as there are two computers and several other fittings on the desktop.


Needless to say, I would undertake the finer points of this project completely differently now- this was well before I had a dedicate workspace for this sort of thing, and the correct tools, although as a learning exersise and introduction to making things, this project was great fun and served a valuable purpose.


















The Desk...



The desk situation before and after



Trims and drilled door fitted



Putting together- well before I had a proper workshop for this sort of thing! (that explains the bike)



cable tidy channels wires away




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