Undertaken for a friend in Edinburgh, this project involved stripping out the existing bathroom of sandstone tiles and reconfiguring things to create a bathroom which is lighter, more modern and of high quality.


The project consisted of lots of smaller jobs which required careful measurement and planning to ensure a clean, uncluttered look was achieved. Contrary to popular belief, minimal designs which appear simple and clean are often harder to achieve than the slightly more elaborate equivalents!


After the strip-out which involved removing all fixtures and fittings, replacing the plasterboard, adding new lights and electrical connections, reconfiguring the plumbing, laying a new plywood floor and removing the door and trims, the constructive works could begin.



The first stage was getting the tiles laid. Contrasting white Carrara marble and black Pearl Granite was chosen, and we decided to carry the tile lines from the walls into the floor to create a seamless look.


The black and white theme was continued with gloss white cabinets for the sinks and toilet, with black worktops.

A hint of aquamarine adds a subtle hint of colour in the panels of the shower enclosure, and a sliver of the same colour trims the bottom edge of the shower tray to catch the eye.


Overall a rather challenging project, but the end result was well worth the effort.



















The Improvement Process...



Before and after



The toilet and console





The sinks going in, and sinks in!



Tile lines are carried from floor to wall



Sinks installed



Installataion of translucent aqaumarine boarding for the shower enclosure



A hint of aquamarine along the edge of the shower tray is subtle enough to just catch the eye



Pearl Granite tiles on the floor and Carrara Marble around the window





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